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Take a Short Break with Me

self-care Aug 09, 2023
Black woman smiling head tilted back eyes closed outside in the sunshine

If you’re pausing to read this, I hope that means you’re willing to spend 5 minutes with me. I’ve noticed that my self-care posts don’t get as much engagement as my political ones. But I’m taking a chance to ask you to do something this week besides read.

If you can, pull this blog post up on a portable device – your phone or a tablet with internet access - and go outside before you read more. Seriously, you were about to read anyway, so pull this up on your phone and go outside. I’ll wait. I was outside dancing barefoot in the rain the other day, so don’t let the weather stop you.

What are you feeling in your body? A little crunchy? Like you need a break?

Just notice, even if you can't name it.


Take a deep breath at your own pace.

Do it again and this time really slow down…

Concentrate on breathing from your belly instead of in your chest.


Look around. What do you see?

Look up.

Look down.

Are there trees nearby? Close enough to walk to? Excellent. Walk to a tree and put your hand on its bark. Or lean on it with your whole body.

Say hello.

Say thank you.

Say I see you. Seriously, say it out loud. (You can whisper if you feel weird.) Then just listen…with your whole body.

Look up.

Pay attention to the branches and the leaves. Notice the sky and clouds (or no clouds) between the leaves.

Notice any insects or birds.

Breathe deeply.

Look down.

Are you staring at grass or concrete or something else? Can you move to some grass or sand or something natural?

How about kicking off your shoes?

Nobody is looking at your feet. Just do it.

Put your bare soles on the grass or the sand or in the dirt. You don’t have to walk or move, just stand there.

But you can move if you want...just slow down and do it intentionally.

Let the earth ground you.

Feel the energy from the planet coming up through you.

Breathe deeply.

Say thank you.


With your whole body.

Now raise your hands and stretch! …And relax …And breathe.

Notice how you feel in your body, even if you don't give it a name.

Thank you for joining me.

Fierce love.

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