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Undoing what we've learned (and lived) about oppression, privilege, equality and self-care

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Everyday Activism Habit Membership & Community

With every interaction, we either challenge or uphold the oppressive systems we live in. Sitting down together is the first step to standing up against exclusion, injustice, and prejudice.

This community is a place to gain the confidence, knowledge, and skills to make social equity a habit so you can create the community you want to live in.

3 levels. As low as $25/month!

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Women Connected in Wisdom Ebook

Are looking for tools and ideas so you can maintain wellness? Do you want to thrive personally so you can thrive in community?

This book is written by a distinguished network of 18 experts who are intentional about maintaining wellness and thriving in their work and the world. These authors are delighted to share purposeful resources and personal stories to help you do the same. 

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How to Talk to Your Racist (Sexist / Ableist / Transphobic) Friends & Family

Grab them by the hand and bring them on the journey towards equity. We'll use the four pillars for making social equity a habit to create a roadmap for tough conversations.

This workshop is designed for your convenience with 2 live Zooms and 6 audio lessons to listen to on your schedule. Practice asking awkward questions. You really can have uncomfortable conversations with more confidence and less anxiety.

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