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self-care May 17, 2023
2023 yes, and... body wisdom play-a-thon. come play with us may 15-june 15. community, well-being, ease, self-care, resilience, playfulness, creativity, somatic healing, grace, affirmation. something for everyone.

A couple of weeks ago, I told you about InterPlay, an active and creative way to unlock the wisdom of the body. It’s about moving your body and using sound, silence, playfulness, and stories to ground yourself in the present and then noticing what you feel in your body (body wisdom).

Too many adults have forgotten how to play. What I like about InterPlay is that you have permission to be silly, and you also have a framework to ease into it. At the beginning of any session, there’s a warmup where you move all your body parts as best you can. Participants move fast and slow, smoothly and jerkily. They take up space in ways that they might not in their regular lives. The warmup gets you out of your usual way of being, allowing your body to make shapes and pose in ways you might not otherwise.

You warm up your voice and have the option to sing or make a noise that sounds the way you feel. And when it’s time to play in small groups, there are so many options! From I-could-talk-abouts, where you give the headline of the story in your mind without telling the whole story, to DTs (dance talks), where you move your body and then pause to say whatever comes up for you, there are so many ways to unlock your own body wisdom.

If you’re not a performer, you might feel awkward. (I did.) But if you can get past your own inner critic and just go with it, you’ll end up having fun and maybe having some insights into your own way of thinking and being. InterPlay has helped me find answers to issues that I had been thinking about for a long time, answers I was not looking for from InterPlay. I showed up and stretched beyond my comfort zone to do a sound exercise (I’m not a singer and feel weird making nonsense noises, so doing the exercise was a big deal) and the personal revelation I had as I followed the prompt was unexpected and life changing. What I learned about myself in that moment shifted the way I think about my past.

I didn’t show up to have insights. I showed up to play in community with others and gained something I had been trying to think my way to for a long time. My mind couldn’t get it, but my body already knew. This doesn’t happen every time. Most of the time I laugh and relax and I’m glad to get out of my usual patterns and that’s plenty.

Are you seeking new ways to find ease and laughter or looking for a light-hearted community? Why not try a free class during the Play-a-Thon through June 15? Bring a friend. Come laugh, play, move your body, and explore your body wisdom with InterPlay!

We’re offering a range of online classes to bring ease and flow to as many people as possible. Enjoy movement and stories, silence and song, a practice deeply rooted in playfulness… opening up possibilities for authentic connections and release. Workshops like:

  • Exploring The Gift of Stillness
  • Big Body Songs & Small Body Ditties
  • Soul Food InterPlay
  • Radical Self & Community Care
  • Embodiment skills for Helping Professionals
  • Embodied Journaling
  • Whale Wisdom for Weighty Times
  • Melanated Play
  • Queer InterPlay
  • Mark Making for the Timid Yearning Artist Within
  • Sandbox Time (for Overcautious Grown-Ups)
  • Dancing on Behalf of/Dance Chapels
  • And more

How to join the Play-a-thon?

Your very first class is FREE! We would love to have you no matter what your financial situation is right now, so we have a range of payment options when you take more classes, starting from $5 to $15. If you can, we invite you to pay a little extra to support someone else’s participation. Click here to check out our class menu and register.

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