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One Small Thing You Can Do

undo the work Sep 21, 2022
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So many things are happening that I want to do something about. I know I’m not the only one feeling like I don’t know what to focus on first. Just deciding how much effort to put into any one project can lead to paralysis.

This is why I’m all about baby steps, intentionally choosing small efforts that will make big impacts. I can’t make governors DeSantis and Abbott treat asylum seekers with respect by myself. I can’t make real estate agents sell properties to Black people who qualify by myself. I can’t make Columbia University respect the residents of Harlem by myself.

But I can teach people who believe in social justice and equity how to have hard conversations with more confidence and less anxiety. I can show you how to talk to people in a way that they will listen. And the more people learn how to do this, maybe fewer people will support illegal and racist behaviors from power hungry governors or cheer on real estate agents who discriminate. Maybe somebody will have a conversation that changes the way universities and local governments (don’t) interact with communities in need.

How to Talk to Your Racist Friends and Family is a bite-sized workshop that teaches you how to shift hearts and minds. I’m not talking about getting through to people who relish their hatred and enjoy inflicting suffering on others. I’m talking about the people who think they’re “not racist” but still make casually racist remarks, victim blame, and exclude people who aren’t like them.

So if you avoid those conversations or get tongue-tied when you speak up, this workshop will boost your confidence and give you a roadmap to make it happen.

What's a bite-sized workshop? Instead of 3 or 4 hours at once or meeting daily at a specified time, you get to listen to audio lessons each day when it's convenient for you and then comment on the group post with questions and observations. The people who took this course before loved this format! And for those of you who want to meet, I've scheduled two live Zoom sessions where you get to ask the awkward questions and practice what you've learned before you try it in the real world.

In this workshop, you will:

  • learn how to have awkward conversations about racism (or any ism) with more confidence and less anxiety.
  • practice in a supported learning space so you can leave with new skills and the courage to speak up.
  • enjoy a guided process in the power of community!

It’s not about blaming and shaming. It’s about awareness and shifting the way people think. So many people that I work with truly believe they are “not racist” because they don’t actively hate Black people and other people of color. But when they learn how white supremacy was designed to be invisible to white people and how they are trained to uphold the system, they shift their thinking and behavior.

We will follow my four steps for making equity a habit and make them specific to having hard conversations:

  • Self-care – get the tools to decide where to spend your energy and to consciously manage your emotions through tough conversations
  • Know Your Facts - know what to talk about and where to find the facts
  • Undo the Work – finish the workshop with a plan for your conversation
  • Rest and Rejoice – after getting out of your comfort zone, give your body and mind a break. Give yourself credit for what went right, even if the only thing that went right was that you tried!

Participants will also receive 3 bonuses!

  • 7 Words to Know When Talking About Racism - Can’t explain the difference between racism and bigotry? I got you.
  • 4 Steps to Making Equity a Habit – Get the full explanation and hang it somewhere to remind you
  • 1 month free of Inspired by Indigo – my online community where we go through the 4 steps each month. We practice new self-care techniques. I do the research for you in the Know Your Facts unit. You get challenges on ways to Undo the Work in your community and reminders to rest and share your wins! All in bite-sized lessons that you can watch/listen to on your laptop or mobile device.

In the big scheme of things, learning how to have hard conversations is one small step that can have an outsized impact. Ready to know more or register? Click here.

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