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Rebecca Rdesinki

Sacil's workshop opened me up to a deeper path of anti-racism work. I love her spirit. She has a strong sense of self, which helped set the stage for me to get to know myself more, too.

bernadette kapocias

Kelle Sauer

Sacil offered me grace in a space where there isn't any, and I cannot tell you how much that means to me.

bernadette kapocias

Laura Matteson

Sacil took the scared child in me, gave her fire, and taught her how to fly!



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  • Enjoy weekly workshops, exploring 1 pillar each week and all 4 pillars every month
  • Explore self-care techniques to interrupt the cycle of anxiety and fear
  • Get credible sourced facts that tie the history of the United States to what's happening in the world today
  • Receive suggestions for ways to take effective action
  • Accept reminders to rest and rejoice



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  • Everything in the Discover Tier PLUS:
  • Exclusive access to monthly live AMA (Ask Me Anything) events in the community. This is your chance to ask the awkward questions, get advice, and practice what you've learned before you take it out in the world!



Top features

  • Everything at the Breakthrough level, PLUS:
  • a 55-minute one-on-one coaching call every month to receive personal guidance